Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My USA - II Days n Nights

Last weekend I had real fun. We had been to six pubs in two nights. :)
After playing cricket for three hours we were really hungry, I took lemonade and a big cheese Pizza. It was too good. Once my tummy was full, my brain started working and told that nobody is dancing. The name was ScoreBoard and it was a Sports Pub. It had nearly 100 television sets in a very small area, all showing baseball matches.
It was 12 in the night, and we drove to another pub called PJ Pockets (hope roh is not behind the name.) This was a dance club, with very loud, live music. The crowd was average. The average age of the crowd was around 32. And what I had predicted about our guys was true indeed; we were silent spectators. L Anyway, watching them dancing was really fun, and nice time pass. The pub closed by 2. Rules are followed very strictly here; we had to show our passports to prove that we are above 21.
Next day we went to Seattle downtown. Entrance fee was $12 and you can hop 9 pubs for that. They will imprint a fluorescent mark on your arm or biceps or wherever you want, and you have to show that to gain entrance to other pubs. We went to Last Supper; Pubs here are a class apart. Crowd too. Here the crowd was much younger, more colorful, more active and reactive ;) . Good pubs are usually flooded with people , with a good female to male ratio. You cannot stand without touching somebody's ass and vice versa . After seeing the pubs the previous day, my expectations were clear. I was ready for a Spectator’s role.  I am not telling you cannot dance with a blonde, but that it is just not easy.
I do not think any of my friends danced with any blond girl. One of my friend, gathered all his courage and asked a girl for dancing, and she said “I don’t want to dance with you”. I thought it is better to see them rather than to get rejected and develop an inferiority complex. 

There are lots of Mexicans and Japanese here. And gigantic Blacks are there in every dance pub. They dance with a great energy, with a wide variety including animal dances. People around them usually take precaution and give them enough space. We visited three more pubs before returning at 3 AM.
Expect couple of photos from Pubs soon.

Improving my communication skills was on top of my list, when I thought of going to US.
Now I find that it is much easier in India to do that. Interpersonal communications are very limited here in US. Chit chatting is Absolute zero in office. You can spend a day (week may not be exaggeration) without talking with anybody in office. I wondered how my manager speaks broken meaningless & hopeless English, even after staying in US for 6 years. Now I know.
But my Telugu speaking skill is improving like anything.( I am such an ass to say that)

One thing I could not find reason for is the extraordinary ratio of Andhrites in the desi population here. Every second desi walla will be a Shrini, Venkat, Ramky or a Sai. Their zeal to reach US is just amazing. (No offence meant). Have really made some very good friends among them.

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Vish said...

If you think your boss is stupid you wouldn't have been hired !!!

Anyways, a very nice blog... I just need a patience (though just is a bad word) to write such a long story...hmm I noticed, ur written commn is superb...may be you've targetted beyond this